Getting Australia Jobs: where to begin?

The southern hemisphere has seems to have escaped the brunt of the economic hardship that engulfed the world. That's not to say they've escaped Scot-free, but Australia is doing noticeably better than other English speaking countries. Australia jobs are relatively plentiful, with the unemployment rate for those aged twenty and over totalling only 5% in Australia, as opposed to a UK rate of 8%, a Canadian rate of 7.8% and a US unemployment rate of 8.8%. The difference between these figures might be small in absolute terms, but it makes a huge difference for a potential job seeker, especially as job prospect in Australia only expected to improve, with two hundred and sixteen thousand new jobs created in March of this year alone. Even counting the expense of a long haul haul flight and the pain of having to leave friends and loved ones in order to get a job in Australia, more and more people consider the upsides of emigrating far out weight the downsides of staying at home.

If you're interested in getting a job in Australia, your first port of call should be the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship's website, which can be found at immi.gov.au.

However, would be emigrates should remain aware that the internal employment rate in Australia can vary quite dramatically. A good tip for a would be emigrate would be to concentrate on areas where levels job advertising is high, such as Queensland, and especially Victoria, where the ANZ, a major Australia bank, recently noted a strong increase of over six per cent in newspaper advertising, traditionally a leading indicator of future job growth.

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