Get yourself a part-time job!

First thing’s first – what is a part-time job? This is a position where you don't aren't required to work a full official working week. Generally, they have more flexible hours, yet you still have normal employee benefits such as holiday and sick pay.

A great place to kick-start your part-time job hunt is the Reed website. This is one of the UK’s biggest job websites and it offers positions in a variety of different sectors, including healthcare, administration, education, accountancy and much more! The key to finding part-time jobs on their website is by selecting ‘part-time’ as your ‘Job Type’ in their job search engine, positioned on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, you can select your sector, location, preferred salary and all the relevant part-time jobs will be presented to you!

Another excellent resource is UK Part Time Jobs. This site specialises solely in positions that are designed to be part-time, or that only require you to work for part of the official working week. They offer jobs that require less specialist training, have a greater turnover and are easier to acquire. They have the latest job vacancies on the homepage or you can use the super-simple search engine to enter your preferred location and key word.

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