Get yourself a job in Manchester!

The first place to kick-start your search is My Manchester Jobs. This is an excellent career website which specialises solely in jobs in the Manchester region! It is a part of the MyJobGroup Ltd, which is the largest network of regional jobsites in the U.K. You can search for jobs via locations within the Manchester region, job sector, salary and keywords. Make sure you also check out their ‘Extra Tools; section where you can find helpful hints on interview preparation as well as other career advice!

Manchester Online is another great site where you can find 1000’s of jobs in the region! It is the online version of the daily Manchester newspaper, and they have a comprehensive job section. Just click on ‘Jobs’ along the left-hand side of the page, type in any keywords and the area that you prefer to work and away you go! You can upload your CV directly onto the site, and you can also browse by job role and location. And make sure you don’t miss out on any job opportunity and sign up to receive Manchester jobs via email!

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