Get yourself a cool catering job!

Catering is an efficient method of providing food and drink for events such as parties, conferences, business meetings and weddings. A catering job involves a number of activities. Food and beverage preparation, event planning and management of staff are just some of the tasks that make up a catering job.

A great place to start your catering job search is Caterer.com. This is a UK company which specialises in offering a range of different catering positions. You can use their search engine on their homepage, and enter any keywords, preferred location and salary and away you go! You can also upload your CV directly onto the site, so potential catering employers can approach you!

Another excellent resource is H Jobs. These guys provide positions in the hospitality industry and have a huge selection of catering jobs. Just select ‘Catering’ from the Industry drop-down list and enter the location and whether you are after a management or non-management role. You can also subscribe to their e-newsletter which gives you helpful hints on job search tips and featured jobs and employers.

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