Get the most out of student summer jobs

Interested in student summer jobs? Most students look for some kind of employment over the summer in order to clear there debts, fund a holiday or save up some money for term time. But student jobs can be so much more useful than that.

Micheal Bates, a recent graduate, said: "I was recently at a job interview and was really surprised to find that the employer was more interested in the fact that I had held down a seasonal cheffing job that the fact that I had got a first class degree."

Working in any job will help you to develop a range of skills that you just can't get from education. Increasingly, graduate employers are sifting out the students who have never worked from those that have - even if it's only been on a short term basis like summer work.

To get the most of your summer job, try to find work in an industry related to your course. Hospitality and retail are the most popular sectors for students to find work over the summer months, and these will look fine on your CV, but there are a wide range of opportunities available. Here are a few examples to give you a taster of what's on offer:

  • Temping jobs in an office will give you experience of working in a professional environment
  • Relief cover domestic staff in hospitals could land you your first contacts in the NHS
  • A summer job in a call centre could build your experience in sales or customer service


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