Get a job!

Social networks can work on a grand scale, such as its role in spreading news on the ground from the revolutions in North Africa, but can also be a telling tool in how we find jobs.

Twitter can help you get back into employment by increasing your professional exposure and job prospects.

Firstly, choose the industry you want to work in, then find your dream employers and follow them! Sometimes jobs will be tweeted to an ’in crowd’ before being advertised publicly, particularly in sectors like the media. You need to make sure you’re in there before the job is taken!

Then you’ve got to try to get people to follow you. Not easy, as most people give the thumbs down to relentless promotion of a product. So, just tweet things you genuinely like, don’t be negative about others and show an interest in what other people say. Easy as.

OK, so you need your CV to be seen by as many public employers as possible. Build a professional website to advertise yourself. It needn’t be much, just a shop window for your CV. Using Twitter yo can flag it up to others.

Whatever you do, you must strike a balance between being direct but not too pushy.

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