There are genuine work from home jobs in the UK!

Finding genuine work from home jobs in the UK can be challenging. When you're searching for work from home jobs, it can seem that all the vacancies fall into two categories: 1) they're scams, or 2) the pay is so low that it wouldn't be worth your while.

So how do you go about finding genuine jobs with a decent hourly rate of pay? Our best advice to potential job seekers is to think like an employer. This will not only help you track down the best vacancies, but will help you to weed out the not-so-great ones as well!

Here are a few points to consider:

  • If you were an employer, why would you hire a telecommuter? What are the advantages for you? Some possible answers may be to attract a  higher calibre of staff and to minimise running costs and maximise productivity.
  • If you were an employer, where would you advertise for work from home staff? Large job search sites, like Monster (monster,co,uk) and Total Jobs (totaljobs.co.uk) may seem like obvious answers, but consider it a little further. If you wanted to hire someone on a casual, freelance basis - often for part time hours - would you shell out hundreds of pounds to advertise on these sites? The chances are that you'd look to cheaper forms of advertising, like the websites of local newspapers or Gumtree.
  • If you were an employer, what kind of candidate would you be looking for? By considering this question, you'll not only be able to locate job vacancies more easily, but you'll be able to adapt your CV and cover letter to fit their requirements.

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