Genuine work from home jobs are free!

You've probably seen the ads and testimonials online: "I made $40,000 working with Google", "I became a millionaire in a month working from home", "I work from home ten hours a week and have paid off my mortgage" and so on.

But if you were to look into these positions, you would quickly see that the claims are not what they seem. Many are simply selling eBooks on topics like How to Make a Million Working from Home, or something similar. And others involve "sign up fees" or "initial investments". Don't be fooled - genuine work from home jobs are free.

Think about it. If an employer needs to get a job done, they either do it themselves or hire someone to do it for them. And if they choose the latter, they pay this person an agreed amount in exchange for the work done. Simple. Why would an employee pay an employer for an opportunity to work for them?

While we can't categorically state that all work from home jobs that involve an advance payment are scams, we do find the practice to be highly irregular. In fact, a lot of these positions are actually just pyramid schemes, repackaged for the twenty first century as work from home jobs.

Pyramid schemes involve joining fees which are shared between the recruiter and a number of different members of the scheme. The new recruit then becomes the recruiter and receives a share of the next batch of payments. These schemes never work and have ended in financial ruin for thousands of people.

Be extra cautious when dealing with work from home jobs that ask for a fee.

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