Find genuine home working opportunities

Genuine home working opportunities do exist. And believe it or not, they can be well paid and rewarding. However, somewhere down the line, home working jobs and internet scams became linked. When you begin searching for work from home jobs, you'll probably come across horror stories and scams. We help you separate the genuine from the bogus in this quick guide. Here are the best places to find genuine work from home opportunities...

  • Major job search engines like Indeed (indeed.co.uk), Monster (monster.co.uk) and Job is Job (jobisjob.co.uk) are a good source of information for work from home jobs. You can even select from the 'Work from Home' categories and filter through the list of opportunities. You won't find many fake jobs here because 1) insertion fees are high and most fraudsters won't part with their cash in order to advertise here 2) there is usually some kind of vetting procedure in place for job ads.
  • Forums related to work from home jobs are an invaluable source of information. Here you can learn about companies that are hiring, opportunities that are arising and, crucially, cons to avoid.
  • Many major companies, like British Telecoms (BT), have a home working scheme. To see if a reputable company that you're interested in working with allows telecommuting, visit the Careers section of their website.
  • Online consultancy firms often offer home working jobs. Although they don't usually advertise on expensive job search engines, you'll find the latest vacancies posted on their websites.

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