What you need to know about GCSE courses via distance learning

When it comes to GCSE courses via distance learning, choosing the right course provider can really boost your grades. Here are some of the most important considerations to make when you are applying for GCSE courses...

How many GCSEs do you need to take?

These days, most jobs require a pass in maths and English. But if you want to take GCSEs to get onto a course or apprenticeship, you should carefully study the entrance requirements. If you need to take more than three GCSEs, we recommend that you think about enrolling in college rather than trying to study for them all via distance learning.

What subjects do you need to study?

Some subjects, like the languages, are ideal for distance learning, especially if you have live video chat with tutors. However, other subjects have a more practical basis and you might learn more in a classroom environment. For example, it’s possible to take chemistry GCSE via distance learning, but you’ll miss out on all those fun experiments!

What sort of support does the course provider offer?

You want to find a course that offers as much support as possible. Consider exam time when the provider is being inundated with questions and past papers – if there is only one tutor, how will your progress be affected? These days, many courses offer a range of options, including instant messaging support, video chat, email support, live webinars, chat rooms and forum sites for students to interact and share study tips and exam advice.


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