Gatwick Airport jobs for security officers

Gatwick Airport is one of the four airports located in the London city area. While London Heathrow is of course the largest airport in the UK, Gatwick comes in second, with average passenger numbers of 31 million per year. Due to the immense scale of the operation at Gatwick, there are many job opportunities available in the airport. In fact over 25,000 people are currently employed at this location, and there are Gatwick Airport jobs available in security, management, customer service and more.

As Gatwick Airport is one of the primary airports in the London area, security is very important. Over 200,000 aircraft movements take place in the airport every year, with flights divided between the airport's two terminals. Over 50 airlines operate out of Gatwick, to a range of different locations all over the world. Those holding Gatwick Airport jobs as security officers may be responsible for any aspects of security throughout the two terminals, and also in the airport's railway station.

In order to work as an airport security officer anywhere in the UK, candidates must pass a security background check. They must provide certain documentation regarding residential and employment history, along with various forms of identification. A job offer will only be made if this security check has been passed satisfactorily.

In order to obtain one of the Gatwick Airport jobs for security officers, candidates must have good vision and a full range of movement. Training will usually be provided, and both male and female officers are required. Further information about careers at Gatwick Airport can be found at gatwickairport.com/business/jobs/.

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