Thousands of gardening jobs available in the UK

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Gardening jobs in the UK can be found in a huge number of places. Gardening centres, landscaping, nurseries and private houses are just a few of the places that require skilled gardeners to look after their flora.

The salaries for gardeners can vary quite a lot between the different positions, but if you get in with the right gardening centre and have the necessary skills, you could be earning over £500 a week.

There's a huge number of courses that you can take in the UK that will help you get started out with a career in gardening. Everything is available, from a workshop at your local gardening centre to a full time college course with a recognised qualification at the end.

One of the most popular courses for anyone with an interest in gardening is the RHS General Certificate in Horticulture. It aims to give students a basic understanding of horticulture skills and principles and the recognised qualification at the end is a great way to find gardening jobs in the UK. The full list of colleges that run the RHS General Certificate in Horticulture course is available on the RHS website.

Other courses that are available to gardening enthusiasts include the BTEC First Diploma Award. This course is designed for school leavers and people with no previous experience of of gardening. It's a full time course that combines practical work with lectures and demonstrations and is a great way to get into the gardening industry. You can get all the information on this course from the Institute of Horticulture's website.

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