Looking for gardening jobs in Kent?

If you've got a strong interest in horticulture then you might want to consider looking out for some gardening jobs in Kent. Even if you haven't got any formal qualifications in the field, you should still be able to get your foot in the door in an entry level position, assuming you have a rough idea of the type of work that you're looking for.

Many people get their start in the gardening industry by working in an outdoor gardening store or a nursery. For the most part, these positions tend to fall more within the retail industry than the gardening industry, but you'll be able to learn everything you could possibly want to know about the different kinds of plants, trees and flowers available in your area. Plus you'll be able to get to know plenty of gardening professionals who use your services in order to purchase the raw materials they need to carry out their day to day work. These type of positions tend to pay in the region of £6.10 per hour, but the experience and knowledge you'll gain in even a couple of years will prove to be absolutely invaluable.

Alternatively, you could take a look at working in landscaping. As a landscaper it'll be your job to reshape and remodel gardens across the Kent area. Whether you're working for individuals in their homes, large companies or the local council, there'll always be plenty of employment opportunities. You'll also have the option of working for yourself or being an employee of a landscaping company.

One of the main problems with working as a landscaper is the fact that the weather can play havoc with your career. If you get a particularly poor summer one year, you can expect to lose the vast majority of your potential income, which is never good. You can expect to earn between £12.00 and £16.00 per hour as an experienced landscaper.

We recommend you take a look at the following places in order to find yourself some great gardening jobs in Kent;

  • Rumwood Nurseries, Sutton Road, Maidstone
  • Bybrook Barn Garden Centre, Canterbury Road, Ashford
  • Canterbury Chartham Garden Centre, Stour Valley Industrial Estate, Chartham, Canterbury
  • Millhouse Landscapes, Canterbury Lane, Rainham
  • MB Gardening & Landscaping, 12 Queens Road, Chatham


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