How to find Game part time jobs

Game is a very large multinational company which deals primarily in computer games, consoles and accessories. In total Game operates over 900 stores throughout Europe, many of which are located in the UK and Ireland. Game part time jobs are available from time to time, and are advertised both online and in store.

The careers website for Game can be accessed by going through the general Game site, or by going directly to retailjobs.game.co.uk. This site deals primarily with managerial positions, incorporating vacancies for Store Managers, Deputy Managers and Concession Managers. Those interested in Head Office vacancies are advised to contact Game directly, while individuals seeking sales assistant positions should contact their local store.

At Game, part time jobs can be available in any part of the organisation. However it is more likely to find part time positions at sales assistant level. If you would like to seek a part time sales assistant position at your local Game store, you are advised to submit an application directly to the managerial staff there. Game stores throughout the UK and Ireland can be located by using the dedicated store finder at game.co.uk/Help/StoreFinder.aspx.

Game part time jobs for sales assistants are similar to many other retail positions of this kind. Customer service is a central component of this role and candidates should be confident, polite and friendly. They must also be capable of arranging products within the shop and working at the shop counter. As Game deal with a specialised product, a knowledge of and interest in gaming is essential.

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