Further education teaching information

Further education teaching roles within the Higher or Further Education sector are split into two categories; a full teaching role and an associate teaching role. With a full teaching role, the individual is responsible for the teaching and planning of lessons, whereas an associate teacher has much less responsibility.

As with all teachers, qualifications are an essential component in order to work in the sector. Individuals wishing to teach in the Further Education sector must have significant knowledge of their subject area and be educated to at least a masters degree level. In addition, they must have completed the lifelong learning qualification and often a Post Graduate Certificate of Education, or as its abbreviated term the PGCE. In order to teach as a university lecturer, you need to study for Masters and Doctorate level qualifications in the subject that you wish to teach.

During your training programme, you will be allocated a work placement whereby you can obtain valuable work place experience and skills to supplement the academic knowledge which will be obtained through the course books and studies.

Once you are qualified in your subject, then you can seek employment within a college, university or with a distance learning provider who offer degrees. You can also apply for work as an author, compiling course materials for degree level courses in your subject. Possible sources of employment are the large universities in Oxford, Cambridge, local universities, such as Manchester or Durham or distance learning universities such as The Open University. Often, however with distance learning tutoring roles, there is a requirement to have taught in the classroom for a period before you can offer internet based tuition.


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