Fun maths games

Maths games give your brain a workout and they can also be a lot of fun. There’s always satisfaction from completing these games and you won’t find any of them too frustrating. The most fun maths games are those that you can play online whenever you’re in the mood.


Sweetland is a game in which you rotate the screen to help an alien get through the sweet worlds and into his portal. You have to collect stars along the way to build a great score. Check out coolmath-games.com for this one. Layer Maze 2

This is another fun maths game you’ll find at coolmath-games.com. The aim here is to escape the 3D maze that’s filled with loads of layers. This one’s a lot tougher than its predecessor but just as much fun.


If you want to play a round of golf in outer space, this is the game for you. All you do is knock your golf ball through the arch with as few strokes as possible, which might sound a little lame but this one’s a lot of fun.

Speedway Adding Fractions

This game supports supports Grade 4 and Grade 5 Common Core Math Standards in the USA so it’s educational and fun. The motor racing themed game might not appeal to British players but this is a game that’ll help exercise your mind. Go to mathplayground.com if this one appeals.

The Number Conundrum

If you want a game that’s all about making sense of problems and persevering solutions, then check out The Number Conundrum. You’ll need to concentrate hard with this one so it’s only worth playing when you’re at your most alert. You’ll find it at mathplayground.com.

Penguin Jump

Penguin Jump is an online multiplication game. The game screen shows you a penguin you control and a collection of ice bergs with numbers on them. When a multiplication appears at the bottom, you have to select the ice berg that contains the answer to it. Get it right and you’ll face another one. Go to mathplayground.com to find this one.

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