Looking for full time jobs in Co. Wicklow? Look no further!

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County Wicklow - the garden of Ireland - is one of the best counties to live and work in Ireland. Major towns for you to find full time jobs in County Wicklow include Arklow, Bray and Wicklow Town.

Finding jobs in Co. Wicklow can be stressful but if you know where to look, it will make things so much easier for you. Local newspapers, such as The Wicklow People, are a great place to find jobs advertised each week. The local radio station - East Coast FM - has regular bulletins throughout the day advertising some of the latest positions.

Some recruitment websites have Wicklow jobs advertised on them. This is an easy way to apply to many jobs at the one time. Some of the most popular in the area include:

  • Wicklowjobs.ie
  • Jobs.ie
  • Indeed.ie

County Wicklow is home to many manufacturing plants. Just some of the bigger names include Servier, Kerry Foods and Glenhaven. Such companies require staff on a regular basis to work different shift cycles.

Shopping has always been big in Wicklow. The main towns have plenty of small independent outlets as well as bigger, more well known companies. Bray Main Street and The Bridgewater Shopping Centre in Arklow are places where work can be found regularly.

Of course, there are also plenty of offices in the area where you can find a range of accounting, administration or other business related jobs. We hope this guide helps you with your search for full time jobs in County Wicklow.

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