Mulling over full or part time executive assistant jobs in Guildford, England

With a population of more than 66,000 and located roughly 27 miles away from London, Guildford is a town that provides residents and visitors with all the conveniences of a city. This busy community has education at all levels including the esteemed Royal Grammar School as well as the University of Surrey campus. Those looking to move here will appreciate the safe shopping centres and the other places of amusement such as the Guildford House Gallery and the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre. Another interesting fact about Guildford is that major corporations have chosen to headquarter in this town. If you are interested in either full or part time executive assistant jobs in Guildford England, there is more than enough opportunity to get hired.

Places of Employment

As has been stated, there are several major corporations and large businesses present in Guildford. Mitsubishi, Electronic Arts, and Vodafone are just a few of the businesses falling under this category. If you are looking for work as an executive assistant, companies like these would be the first places to look.

What About the Money?

This type of position pays very well with full time salaries ranging all the way from £20,000 to more than £40,000 per annum. When you take into account all that is asked of executive assistants, you can be sure that these individuals are earning their money.


These jobs aren’t limited to one or two particular industries because the need for an executive assistant depends more on the size of the company. As you can see by the corporations listed, an individual can find employment in a wide range of sectors. This factor alone makes it a virtually recession-proof line of work.

Due to all the glory that gets given to executives, people often forget about how those directors wouldn’t be where they are without their support staff. Executive assistants are some of the most skilled individuals out there because they are expected to organise meetings, sort out the executive’s business schedule and travel plans, be excellent with Microsoft Office, manage projects, and communicate with people from various departments. If being the ‘man’ or ‘woman’ behind the executive appeals to you, consider applying today.


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