Characteristics and qualifications you'll need as a front desk manager

Would you like to be a front desk manager? This is not a job that usually needs a huge number of qualifications, but it does require you to have certain characteristics - if you're going to be successful and happy, that is. That's why, before you start your job search, you should make sure that your personality fits with what being a good front desk manager entails. You'll be happier and so will the company you work for.

Characteristics that help make you a good front desk manager

Good People Skills - The most important characteristic for a front desk manager is to have excellent people skills. The ability to speak to people about any subject, to stay friendly and upbeat, and to be able to relate to them and sympathise when they're having problems, will go a long way to making you successful in your job.

Be Respectful and Patient - When a customer has problems, the front desk manager is often the first person called in to help. If you can remain calm, polite and respectful, and stay patient, even if the customer is upset and even rude, you'll be more effective. The stresses of the job will affect you less too.

Good Organisational Skills - As a front desk manager, you will probably have to schedule other staff to work, run meetings, order supplies, and may even be responsible for budgeting. Being well-organised will go a long way to making this aspect of your job a breeze.

Have a Good Memory - As a front desk manager, you will be expected to know everything about the hotel or other place you work, as well as the surrounding area. Being able to remember facts is vital. Add onto that the ability to remember a customer's face and name, so you can greet customers with more personal attention, and you'll go down as one of the best front desk managers they've ever dealt with.

Qualifications you'll need

Qualifications for a front desk manager job differ depending on the industry and the company you work for. Some front desk managers will have a Bachelors degree in Hotel Management or a Business degree. Others will simply have several years of experience working in the hospitality industry. Remember though, the more qualifications you have, the higher your salary will be, and the more chance you'll have at the higher-level jobs.

Computer skills and, in some instances, certification in particular hotel reservation software are necessary if you're working in a hotel, as you'll be responsible for taking reservations, checking availability, and making reservation changes in the computer system.

In general though, if you're interested in a job as a front desk manager, you will typically need at least three to five years experience in a job that dealt exclusively with the general public, and at least two years working as a front desk clerk.

Do you have common sense?

One last thing to think about before you apply for jobs as a front desk manager is how much common sense you have.

One of the most vital parts of being a front desk manager is knowing when "the customer isn't correct" and making a decision to call security or the police. Having enough common sense to take charge of a situation, calm down an irate customer, or decide to call in security is vital if you're going to keep yourself, your staff, other customers, and your place of work safe.

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