Working as a French Tutor

The French language is taught at all levels of the UK school system. As French is widely available in schools throughout Britain and Ireland, there are plenty of students willing to retain the services of a good French tutor.

Depending on the services provided, work as a French tutor can be noticeably seasonal. While some motivated and organised students may choose to undertake additional classes at an early stage in the school year, there will always be an increase in business for tutors nearing exam periods. Therefore it is a good idea to have two teaching plans on hand when teaching French privately.

If there is plenty of time before your student must undertake an examination, it is a good idea to cover all of the basics before moving on to more difficult topics. Of course the level of the student will dictate how much time must be spent on basics, but this is a good general approach to use. In a situation where you take on a student almost directly before an examination, you should be prepared to give a 'crash course' in the language. Here it is advisable to focus directly on the upcoming examination. Work through previous exam questions, or practise oral interviews intensively.

Clearly you must have an excellent level of French in order to work as a French tutor. You must also be professional, organised and extremely patient. French tutors can earn up to £70 per hour, depending on the level of tuition. If you are interested in advertising online, the website hometutorsdirectory.co.uk provides an excellent service.


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