Where to get basic French language lessons

When you think of the French language, the phase “language of love” comes to mind. Although it’s because we think the tone sounds soft and sweet, it actually originated from the Latin language of the Romans, and is called a Romance language. The other languages that belong to this group are Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, and Catalan.

Apart from being the language of love, what are the benefits of taking French language lessons? For one, it ranks second as the most commonly taught language in the world. It is also the native language in around 24 countries. There are also a lot of French companies that invest in other countries, and international organisations like the UN use French.

Because of its popularity, finding resources for learning French is easy. Your local library stores a number of books, tapes, and audio CDs, and you can use it for free. You can also buy an audio CD so that you can bring it home. Listening helps you learn the language faster. You can buy them from any book store or order them online.

There are also websites that offer audio lessons for free or for a minimal fee. Sites like BBC.co.uk let you learn French through interactive courses, video clips, and articles for different student levels.

Languagecourses.co.uk offers French language lessons in 1-week, 5-week or 10-week courses, as well as private tutoring and business language courses. They have courses in various locations in the UK so you can choose the one nearest you. Prices range from £150 to £200 depending on the course.

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