French speaking jobs in Nottingham

Are you looking for French speaking jobs in Nottingham? Like most major cities in the UK, Nottingham is a diverse ciy with lots of opportunities for speakers of other languages. The ability to speak French and English is highly desirable in many Nottingham businesses. To help you in your job search, we've rounded up some of the best opportunities for French speakers who are looking for a job...

  • Customer service jobs - Nottingham is home to many pan-European companies, and many of these companies handle customer service issues and inquiries from across Europe. The ability to speak French is therefore highly desirable in the fields of customer service and call centre jobs.
  • Sales jobs - In a related field, many Nottingham companies seek to extend their sales reach into continental Europe. French speakers are highly sought after in order to help them do this. Typical duties may include cold calling or sending out sales emails, but you may also be involved in duties like writing sales copy or listing products on a website.
  • Teaching jobs - A more traditional route for French speakers looking for employment in Nottingham is to check out teaching jobs. To work as a teacher in England you will need to be fully qualified (usually with a BEd or PGCE), but you can also get language assistant jobs if you are a native French speaker.
  • Tutoring jobs - If you don't want to work in a classroom environment, private tutoring in French could be for you. You can place ads online offering language tutoring and take on as many clients as you like.


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