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There are hundreds of French jobs in London waiting to be filled at the moment. They are available throughout nearly every sector that you can think of. A large amount of these jobs will be teaching, customer service jobs or translators. There are several French newspapers published on a daily basis that advertise these jobs. The most useful resource for finding these jobs is definitely the internet. Justlondonjobs.co.uk is an excellent website to find jobs involving a language.

They currently have a vacancy for a French speaking web administrator. This role involves web editorial, translation, copywriting, HTML, programming language, marketing email, customer service in French. It is based in London central zone 2 which makes it easy to communicate to from anywhere in London. The main duties of this position are:

  • First point of contact with daily customers' emails
  • Responsibility over French customer's database
  • Update content regularly
  • Plan new website projects
  • Maintain all websites
  • Create marketing emails and analyse results
  • Manage invoicing
  • General administration duties

To apply for this position you should be fluent in both written and spoken French. You should have 2 years' experience in editorial and marketing. You must be efficient with the Microsoft Office suite and need to possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills. The starting salary for this job is £24,000 per year. A pension, 23 days holiday and a company discount are also offered for the successful candidate.

To find out more or to apply for this job, please visit justlondonjobs.co.uk.

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