Use your French with language jobs in Glasgow

The Auld Alliance was between Scotland and France, and there has been a close affinity between Scotland and France ever since Mary Queen of Scots arrived in her realm speaking only French. These days there are variety of opportunities for linguists to use their French in jobs in Glasgow.

With Glasgow becoming a centre for telesales and call centres, there are often vacancies for French-speakers. Typical recent openings advertised on jobisjob.co.uk included a customer services agent post, dealing with European clients, and a French-speaking  IT support technician.

Glasgow companies are finding European markets increasingly important to their business. Sales consultancy posts are regularly advertised, with a knowledge or fluency in French regarded as essential, or at least as a considerable asset.

The listings at multilingualvacancies.com give a good idea of what kind of employers in Glasgow might be looking for from French speakers. Examples from recent months have included games testers with fluent French, earning £13,000 to £16,000 a year, and IT customer services executives earning £14,000.

The hospitality and tourism industries are particularly keen on French-speakers. With tourism an increasingly important aspect of the Glasgow economy, linguists can find plenty of openings with hotels, travel agents, tour operators and local tourist information offices.

If all else fails, you could always keep your French up to speed with part-time French restaurant jobs in Glasgow city centre or the West End. Try La Vallee Blanche (www.lavalleeblanche.com) or Brian Maule's Chardon D'Or (www.brianmaule.com).


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