Looking for a teaching French job in the UK?

Are you French and living in the UK? Then consider teaching or tutoring French. Or, are you a Brit and completely fluent? Then make some extra cash with a few tutees in French. Many British students learn French and many still struggle. That's why getting a French job anywhere in the UK is often as easy as signing up with a tutoring agency or applying at the local high school.

Personal Tutors (personal-tutors.co.uk) - Sign up with Personal Tutors if you'd like to do some French tutoring work. You can register with them for free, and most tutors with them report at least 50 students contacting them for tutoring work every year.

You can set your own tutoring fees, although Personal Tutors will give you suggestions if you like. They currently suggest a minimum hourly fee of £15.50, with a raise to £26.50 per hour if you're tutoring someone at A level standard.

Home Tutors (hometutorsdirectory.co.uk) - Place an ad with Home Tutors, as they cover all of the UK. You can place an ad listed under one county for £30 for a year and, if you'd like to add your name to the listings of other counties (for instance, you want to do French tutoring in Lancashire and Yorkshire), the extra cost per county is only an additional £10.

It's easy to sign up and could be an excellent, and inexpensive way, to find new tutees.

Teach Network (teachnetwork.co.uk) - If you'd like to teach French in a UK school, check out the Teach Network website. They cover all regions of the UK and you can search by type of job, or location.

Here, you'll find job vacancies for French teachers in primary and secondary schools, French assistants, and heads of French departments. If you can also speak and teach Spanish, you'll have even more of a chance of getting a French job in the UK, as various schools hire teachers who are fluent in both.

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