How to find work in freelance fashion design

Working in freelance fashion design can be an incredibly varied job, with no two days being the same. You are called upon to communicate with other designers, models, manufacturers, fashion show directors, and financiers, and you need to be constantly innovative not only in creating new ideas but in finding ways to implement them within your budget.

How to become a freelance fashion designer

Although the work is varied and exciting, it is not quite so consistently glamorous as it might appear from the perspective of the uninitiated looking in. It can be gruelling and challenging work, and if you don't have a deep passion for fashion, you might find yourself looking elsewhere.

That said, working in a creative industry is an intensely fulfilling experience, from the design process to the end product, and an excellent way to get paid for doing something you love.

Talent is of course the main requirement to find success in the world of freelance fashion design - but most people who make it tend to have a background in artistic fields, having attended art school or done a Fashion degree course at university.

The London College of Fashion and Central St Martin’s College are two of the most respected institutions offering courses in this area.

Aside from this, the best things to do to boost your chances of getting freelance work in fashion design are to keep a keen eye on current fashion trends, and make sure you have a portfolio which is fully representative of your talents.

Your portfolio will often have the biggest influence in deciding whether you're hired for a job or not.

Your fashion portfolio

Most university courses studying Fashion will involve creating a portfolio throughout the period of study, but if you're not involved in one of these courses, it's still absolutely essential to have a great portfolio if you want to find freelance fashion design work.

Your portfolio ought to contain sketches representative of your best designs, fabric swatches (small fragments of fabric using which you plan to make your designs), and photographs of any final products - accompanied by commentaries and passages explaining your inspirations and ideas.

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