A brief overview of a freelance career

Freelancing offers the ticket out of the rat race epitomised by traditional 9 to 5 jobs. It presents the perfect opportunity to launch your own business and be your own boss. However, as glittering as the prospect of starting a freelance career is, there are some things you need to know about freelancing before you go full-out into it.


Freelancing can be more like primitive survival than a leisurely stroll in the park, especially when starting out. This is because, like many other business start-ups, it requires hard work and dedication to succeed. You will need to quickly learn survival skills for your freelance business to get of the ground and take off. If you are ready to put in the hard work, the qualitative rewards and freedom that a freelance career offers is worth every effort.

Survival skills

Whether you are a designer, a writer or a photographer, aptitude for business management, marketing and job hunting skills will be important, ongoing components of your freelance career. Hunting for freelance work is a lot like traditional job hunting. You will need to research your target audience, know what they need, plan how to pitch your skills successfully and strategize how best to deliver the product or service needed. The nature of freelancing also requires that you prepare for occasional rejections.

Forging ahead

Freelancers often have to settle for lower prices for work done than their weakest competitors prior to establishing themselves as the best in their field. If you can overcome this initial huddle and build a solid portfolio and reputation, getting work becomes easier. Established freelancers are in high demand and it is not uncommon to see more clients than they can handle show up looking for their help.


There are solid reasons why freelance careers are glorified by the media. To start with, freelancing has relatively low start-up costs compared to traditional businesses. For example, the minimum a freelance writer needs to start a freelance writing business is a personal computer, internet connection and an email address.

A freelance career also gives people the chance to turn their hobbies, passions and talents into thriving businesses. Doing what you love and what you are actually good at brings the greatest satisfaction and personal fulfilment. Besides, being your own boss is its own reward.

Moreover, freelancing gives people the freedom to choose their own work schedule. For example, a work-at-home mum can schedule her work to fit perfectly with the child care needs of her kids.

Best of all, many professionals do earn good money, or at least enough money, to lead decent, comfortable lives practising their trade in a freelance capacity.

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