Free GCSE courses online for adults

Free GCSE courses online are not solely delivered and assessed online; you'll find that some work is delivered over the internet whilst other work must be written and posted, or you must attend tutorials with tutors. The only organisation that may allow you to complete free GCSE courses online is Open University, but you need to be receiving certain benefits before you can have the fees paid for you.

Some smaller organisations offer courses for adults, which can be found from the Directgov site (under "Learning for free"). The majority of GCSE courses delivered are only for adults over 18 who have not achieved qualifications higher than GCSE; most courses will only be in maths and English, which are essential qualifications for most employers and any further courses you wish to study.

If you can't find suitable free GCSE courses online you could try Learn Direct, which allows you to take Adult Literacy and Numeracy qualifications (equivalent to GCSE) from one of their local centres. If you have not previously gained any GCSEs the ALAN tests and certificates are free.

Another great resource to help you find GCSE courses online for adults is the "Get On Helpline" (0800 66 0800), who will search for courses on your behalf and only match suitable courses for you. They can also advise you on suitable finance options for your course if is it not entirely free.

For most courses listed by Directgov you can have your GCSE fees paid by the Jobcentre (or another organisation) if you:

  • Do not previously have a level 2 qualification.
  • You're under 25 and the course leads to your first level 3 qualification.
  • You receive Jobseeker's Allowance or Income Support.
  • You receive Council Tax Benefit, Housing Support or Working Tax Credit.
  • Your household income is below £15,276 a year (in the case of Working Tax Credit).


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