Where to find free GCSE courses for adults

Are you over 21? You could qualify for free GCSE courses for adults. Gaining GCSEs can greatly benefit your employment prospects and open doors that were previously closed to you. Here we discuss your options and highlight the best places to find GCSE courses for adult learners.

  • Contact your local education and library board for details of training schemes, qualifications and GCSE courses available in your area. The education and library board should also be able to offer advice on funding and educational grants.
  • Apply for a GCSE course directly to your local college. Many don't charge any fees and those that do should be able to direct you to information on obtaining funding and grants in order to cover the cost of fees and exams.
  • Check whether your employer offers educational support. Employers will often offer to cover all or a proportion of your fees if your studies are relevant to your role in the company. A major benefit of receiving sponsorship in this way is that it allows you to choose the place you would like to study - including distance learning and online GCSE courses that aren't usually covered by state support or grants.
  • Many local secondary schools offer evening classes to adult learners who would like to sit their GCSEs. There is often a limited variety of subjects available, but most courses are free and offer excellent study support to adult learners. Enrolment is usually in September and courses tend to run for one or two years.


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