Forklift Truck Driver Jobs in Birmingham

Forklift truck drivers are crucial to the operations of warehouses, depots, yards and airports. Their main role is to transport heavy goods around facilities, and work with other members of the work place to ensure goods are transported smoothly and safely. Forklift truck driver jobs in Birmingham can be found in warehouses, depots, logistic companies, depots or through recruitment agencies, but you may be required to provide a license before applying.


Forklift truck driver jobs in Birmingham and the rest of the UK will come with variations in general duties and responsibilities, but generally drivers are expected to:

  • Load and unload heavy goods from deliveries - either by lorry, boat or even aeroplane.
  • Store goods in the correct areas of the workplace.
  • Check all forklift trucks are in good working order and report issues, or carry out maintenance.
  • Tidy, stack and move pallets.
  • Transport goods too and from production lines, or receive goods from storage.

Qualifications and Certificates

Forklift truck drivers do not need to possess any academic qualifications. However, all drivers must have completed and approved forklift training course and have passed their qualification. The courses should only take up to 5 days and will include both theoretical and practical aspects; if you need to operate a forklift truck on a road you will also require a driving license.

You must be over 16 to take a qualification. You can receive a certificate from the following providers:

  • The Association of Industrial Truck Trainers
  • ConstructionSkills
  • National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS)
  • Road Transport Industry Training Board (RTITB)

Some forklift truck driver jobs in Birmingham may require experience, but this will largely depend on the individual requirements of each job applications. The case is also the same for salary and job progression; some positions may offer an excellent salary with benefits, whilst others may off a basic package. Usually, job progression is limited in forklift truck positions, but you can move up in one particular employmeny to managerial positions or further after working as a driver for some time.

Position in Birmingham

Most forklift truck driver jobs in Birmingham will be found in warehouses, depots, logistic companies or even large supermarkets. The Big Yellow Self Storage, Asda superstore, GAP Group Depot and the large DHL Depot on the Windsor Industrial Estate are likely to require forklift drives, but you will need to wait for positions to open.

You can either offer your CV to the company and wait for a position, or visit your local Jobcentre Plus, Gumtree section, recruitment solution centre or pick up a copy of your local newspaper to find the most recent positions.

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