Are you a forklift driver and want forklift jobs in London?

If you're a forklift driver in the current poor economy, looking at forklift jobs in London will give you more opportunities than in other cities in the UK. Forklift jobs in London are advertised in newspapers, at job centres and on the internet. With so many job listings out there, it's not too difficult to find work. Start out with these excellent job search resources.

UK Driving Jobs (uk-driving-jobs.co.uk) - One of the largest websites online specialising in UK driving jobs, here you can search for forklift truck driver job openings in London and the surrounding area.

Do a search by location, keywords and job sector and you'll find forklift jobs in distribution centres, in warehouses and on industrial estates.

Many of the jobs ask for prior driving experience, and most are through agents, but the company pays the fee. Upload your CV and get started.

Jobs in Transport (jobs-in-transport.com) - Specialising in only transport jobs, Jobs in Transport has a number of listings for forklift truck drivers in London.

Positions advertised are both temporary and permanent, and full and part-time. Be aware, some days listings are few, but other days many new listings appear. Check the site every day, or sign up at their e-mail notification system.

Material Handling Companies - Check out several London-based material handling companies. They deal with so many companies around the London area, they often know about forklift truck vacancies before the jobs are even advertised.

Companies like Linde Material Handling (linde-mh.co.uk) actually rent out forklift trucks in the London area, so they'll often know if the company hiring the forklift already has a driver to drive it or needs one.

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