Guide to Forklift Jobs in Australia

Everyone knows just how versatile a forklift driver's license can be both at home and abroad, but were you aware of just how many job opportunities it can open up for you in Australia? Many people are very surprised when they realise the huge number of available forklift jobs in Australia for the first time.

A quick check around some of the most popular job sites in Australia will quickly reveal just how in-demand forklift drivers are down under, and should give you an idea of the general competencies and level of experience required by potential employers.

The average wage for forklift driving jobs in Australia is between $20-25 an hour. This is not a huge amount by any means especially given the relatively high prices of many items in Australia, but there should be more than enough regular work available to ensure that you are financially stable.

The absolute bare minimum requirement from all employers in Australia when it comes to jobs looking for forklift operators is that you must have a forklift license (known as a forklift ticket in Australia). Even though you may have one in your home country, you're still going to need to complete a course in Australia to qualify for a ticket.

These courses typically last around three days, and can be either full time or part-time depending on the hours involved. The cost is usually between $350 and $500, but by the end of it you should be fully qualified for your ticket. For more information check out www.forkliftticket.com.au, an excellent resource for forklift drivers in Australia.

Next, you're going to be expected to pass a drugs test and have at least some warehouse experience under your belt. Without the experience it's going to be tough to find a job, but if you persevere you should be able to find something to build up the level of experience on your CV.

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