Check out what Forever 21 jobs in Ireland are available

If your career has hit the skids and you are looking to jump ship to a new and exciting job, then we recommend checking out the exciting new Forever 21 store which has recently opened in Dublin's Jervis Centre. In this blog we are going to give you a bit of information on the store, and show you how to apply for Forever 21 jobs in Ireland.

Forever 21 is one of the biggest names in US fashion with over 460 stores worldwide and an annual turnover of $2.3 billion. It has recently started an aggressive expansion into Europe, which has seen brand new stores opening in Dublin, London and Birmingham. The Dublin store was the first to open, starting to trade in November 2010.

Since then, the store has become a relatively large employer in Ireland, with over 250 staff working there at the moment. It occupies three floors in Dublin's Jervis Centre, and has been doing extremely well despite the flagging Irish economy. If it sounds like somewhere you would like to work, then you have two different options for applying for a position at Forever 21.

A lot of the regular sales assistant jobs at their Dublin store are filled by visiting the store and filling in one of their application forms. Generally, the store likes to hire young staff with a keen eye for fashion to work in their stores, so make sure and play up your fashion credentials!

Alternatively, you can check out their recruitment page at forever21.com/CAREERS/careers.asp to see all of their current vacancies. Best of luck on your Forever 21 job hunt!


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