Which foreign countries offer the best job prospects for Brits?

When winter hits the northern hemisphere, the darkness and damp sends many flocking to sunnier working environments. With UK youth unemployment reaching one million, more and more workers are considering which foreign countries offer the best job prospects for Brits. The flexibility offered by the European Union is adding to the traditional locations, such as Canada and Australia.

Your essential guide to foreign job opportunities

Essentially, the type of work you can obtain in different countries falls into two broad categories - graduate and non-graduate vocations. If you have a further education qualification you might wish to enter a specialised field. However, the opportunities are few and far between. What's more, in countries like Australia or the USA, you will only be accepted as a migrant worker if you already have a job lined-up, which means attracting a sponsor. This means a lot of commitment, where many people are seeking much shorter-term positions, such as seasonal employment.

There are far more openings in foreign countries for less-skilled tasks, such as hotel or bar work. Online resources such as Backpackerboard.co.nz will list these job opportunities, alongside vital information such as finding accommodation. They do stress that finding somewhere to live, along with general day-to-day costs, are not cheap in countries like New Zealand.

In Australia or New Zealand, bar or restaurant work does give a valuable insight into how the locals live, rather than the tourist experience.

When looking into those foreign countries with the best job prospects for Brits, here are some issues you must be aware of:

  • In Japan, you must demonstrate you hold £2,500 in cleared funds before you will be admitted.
  • In New Zealand you require NZ$350 per month of your stay (equivalent to £180 a month, or £2,100 per year). The New Zealand dollar is faring very well against sterling, meaning a good standard of living for visitors from the UK.
  • In Australia, there are few restrictions on the type of work you can apply for, but your maximum stay with one employer is six months. Your best option in Australia is Western Australia, where the region is currently enjoying a mining boom.
  • Canada is to be recommended for hospitality and construction jobs. The hi-tech gaming industry is also offering positions aplenty.
  • Germany is the best European destination, particularly if you have strong language skills. Southern German regions, such as Bavaria, have very low unemployment; East Germany has high instances of unemployment, so avoid travelling here.

Exactly what you need to know before applying for foreign work

With many foreign countries offering the best job prospects for Brits, you need to appreciate the particular openings for each field.

Nannying. Ideally accommodation will be available as a perk - but not necessarily. Sign on with an agency such as www.childcare.co.uk/Nannies who will advise.

Construction. Many people love meeting workers from different cultures. It is a great way to expand on your trade, while gaining valuable insights and experience.

IT. IT skills are universal. Finding work in foreign countries can really enhance your CV.

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