Are food production jobs right for you? We take a look at the details

With many industries now facing huge problems given the current global economic situation, it can be difficult to find one that still offers potential employment opportunities. Those of you interested in food production jobs may be interested to know that there's still plenty of work available in the sector, assuming you have some previous experience.

With any industry as vast as the food production industry, there are always going to be a huge number of employment opportunities available to cater for people with an extremely broad range of skills. When it comes to food production jobs, there are plenty of possibilities available out there today.

The most obvious food production jobs include those that deal with the raw materials that go into our food, from plants and crops to meat. Since these form the basis of almost all of our foods and drinks today, it's a good place to start.

While farmers are finding it more difficult than ever to sustain their income, particularly given the influx of cheap imports, other food production jobs like butchery and bakery remain in high demand.

Despite the huge increase in the number of prepackaged options available when it comes to meat, good butchers are still very much sought after for work in big high street chains as well as in local or family owned butchers. The average butcher in the UK these days makes approximately £24,500 per year.

Similarly, bakers are always required in order to bake fresh breads, pastries and more. The average wage on offer for experienced bakers can range from £16,500 for basic positions up to around £23,000 for pastry chefs.

Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of food production jobs. The industry stretches far wider than that, with positions available in food production plants as engineers, project managers, food technicians, biology experts, scientists and even roles as far removed from the basics as graphic designers (for packaging), creative advertisers and drivers.

Given the fact that we all need food to survive, it's no surprise that there are still plenty of jobs available within the food production industry - the only real catch is that the level of experience needed to be successful in your application is increasing all the time due to rising levels of competition.

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