We can help you find food marketing graduate jobs

Thanks to the fact that the economy is still struggling following the financial troubles felt across the world for the last few years, it can be very tricky for graduates to find themselves work straight out of university or college these days. The job market is arguably as competitive as it has ever been in Britain and at first glance it appears that there are very few vacancies available.

When you're looking for something as specific as food marketing graduate jobs then you're never really going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to searching for vacancies. All you can do is knuckle down and do everything you can to ensure you have the very best chance of finding work.

With more and more food companies now moving out of the United Kingdom in order to set up shop in countries where both tax and labour cost them an awful lot less, it isn't surprising that jobs in the industry are at a premium.

When working in food marketing, you'll be primarily responsible for conducting consumer research and marketing research. Any dreams you may have about jumping right in to big creative marketing accounts and pitching your great advertising ideas to the board simply aren't realistic for the first few years at the very least. You'll need to prove yourself capable first of all, which can take some time.

Fortunately, you'll be rewarded for all your donkey work with a very reasonable wage of between £15.50 and £22.00 per hour depending on the company and product you end up working for. In order to keep up to date with the latest vacancies we recommend that you keep an eye on jobisjob.co.uk, a site that allows you to search all the major UK based job sites with just one click - however keep it in mind that finding work isn't going to be easy and you may need to look abroad in order to fulfil your potential.

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