Jobs at food manufacturing companies

The food industry has long since been one of the most important industries in the developed world, employing huge amounts of people in a wide range of different positions. These days, food manufacturing companies are always on the look out for experienced, qualified potential hires that can make a difference to the success of the company.

The most obvious candidates for work with food manufacturing companies are those who have previous experience working in the food industry. This can include scientists, biologists, drivers, management staff, engineers and even regular administrative staff.

While administrative positions tend to be much the same wherever you go, the more specific roles can prove to be far more specialised and requiring high levels of expertise and experience.

Those of you with a science background, particularly one based around biology, may be interested in working in the agricultural sector of food manufacturing. These positions can include experimenting with pesticides in order to ensure crops don't fail, cross pollinating specific types of plant or grain to improve stock yields or figuring out new ways to preserve and distribute harvested crops. A degree in a relevant science is absolutely essential for these roles, but they often start with wages of around £21,000 making them quite attractive to new graduates.

Engineers who are finding it difficult to find work these days may want to take a look at the food industry as a potential sector of employment, due to its continually increasing dependence on machines, their upkeep and their constant improvement and tweaking. Roles in this field usually start at around £22,000 but can increase to well above £55,000 depending on seniority.

Then, of course, you have one of the most often forgotten jobs with food manufacturing companies around these days - those involving logistics. Many people seem to forget how integral transportation is when it comes to food, whether that means transporting raw materials or new produce. Drivers with more than five years' experience, or with b-double licenses can expect to find plenty of work in the food industry these days, however with competition high in the sector, wages can fluctuate wildly.

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