How to get fitness jobs in Australia

Australia is a sporting nation. It is a nation with a very high population of sports and fitness enthusiasts which makes it a perfect place for those involved in the fitness industry. There is a wide range of employment opportunities open to everyone, from the newly qualified to those with years of experience.

What types of fitness jobs are available in Australia?

Private employment: private employment means that you would be employed by an individual or a group rather than a company. You may be asked to give personal training to one person or to a group of friends or colleagues. Most of the personal fitness training jobs in Australia will be advertised locally in newspapers or on noticeboards so keep an eye out for that on your job search. Places like Sydney and Melbourne are perfect for finding a sporting crowd with the money to spend on a personal trainer.

Public sector: fitness jobs in Australia commonly relate in some way or another to the public sector. This means that you can find jobs working in schools as a physical education teacher, or find work in government contracting. Government contracting jobs will usually relate to health and hospitals and those looking for work as physiotherapists or other health and fitness consultancy positions will be in demand.

General Employment: general employment is the more commonly thought of employment in that you would be employed by a company. Companies operate in many sectors of the fitness industry so you will have no problem finding something that suits your expertise and personal preferences.

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