Fish Factory Worker in Canada, Jobs Now Available

Those who are considering looking for work in Canada may wish to think about looking into the seafood industry. Many entry level positions are available in this area. For example jobseekers may wish to consider a role as a fish factory worker in Canada, as jobs in this industry can be found easily.

Most jobs in fish factories involve the processing of fish into seafood products. This process ranges all the way from the unloading of fish from fishing boats to the packaging of fully processed food items. It is worth noting however that like most fish factory worker positions, in Canada jobs are predominantly seasonal. However some full time positions do exist also.

The processing of raw fish into seafood is quite detailed and there a number of roles available. For example workers may be required to gut and clean fish. They may also be expected to scrape, wash and fillet them. Usually the fish will then have to prepared for the freezing process, or they may need to be marinated before canning. Alternatively the fish may need to be properly prepared for smoking. Other roles of a typical fish factory worker in Canada include jobs like freezing fish eggs, operating canning machines, weighing fish or butchering live crabs.

Clearly there are a wide range of possible roles for the average fish factory worker in Canada, and most jobs require physical or manual labour. However there are good career advancement opportunities, particularly for workers who return to the same companies year after year. Job listings and additional information can be found at http://www.simplyhired.ca and similar job sites.


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