Where to look for First Security jobs online

When you search the Net for First Security jobs, chances are you'll end up with search results for a New Zealand company. The interesting thing is that First Security is actually London-based, and caters for local businesses and the elite. The company caters for major corporations, retail parks and shopping outlets, art and cultural events, managers and agents, retailers, and persons in the sports and entertainment industry. It's easy to see how a job at this security company could open up a new and exciting world for you, and if you're looking to take your career to the next level then having experience with this company could help you do that.

The company is accredited by the NSI, SIA and is also safe contractor approved. This could mean that potential employees would have to be registered with the SIA for example or have an SIA license to be hired. Security companies generally require extensive traceable work histories, up to ten years in some cases. Full clean driver's licenses may also work to your advantage, so if you're able to provide this it could help you get a foot in the door.

The site lists very little information regarding applicant requirements, but should you want to apply you can use the contact form on the site. If you want to navigate directly to the page, use this URL:  first-security.co.uk/contact. You may also be able to send an up-to-date CV to Scotts Sufferance Wharf, 1 Mill Street, London, SE1 2DF, or call 02078375424 for more information on any current vacancies.


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