Finding work in Canada as a UK citizen

Want to find a job in Canada and you are from the UK? First of all there are many job search engines that help you find a job of your desire, and give you many ways to apply for it i.e. via email, click on the apply now button or forward a CV.

One of the major search engines used is workopolis.com, where it shows how to get a job in Canada if you're from the UK. You can apply for many jobs and sign up to job email alerts and many more props available. There are many videos to support getting a job in Canada as well as giving you tips on what the employers are looking out for. Similarly another site frequently used is monster.ca which is also a very useful to search for jobs in Canada. There are also tips on how to improve your Curriculum Vitae as well as what mistakes that are frequently made, so make sure you have a quick glance at them before applying for any actual jobs, it is always good to double check!

Some companies will actually do their interview over the internet, an “online interview” or maybe even over the phone, but for others you will have to go in person, as they do with most interviews. It is all good and well to apply for the jobs and get in touch with Canadian agencies and even get offered the job, however, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you aim to get your work permit before actually proceeding with interviews or starting with the actual job.

How quickly you will be able to find work in Canada does depend on the type of field you are trying to get a job in, the amount of qualifications you hold, and of course whether you have got a work permit, or have at least applied for one and are in the process of receiving it. The Canadian government will recommend your qualifications and evaluate them in order to compare to Canadian standards. You might have to take additional assessments once you're in Canada, or get licensed to practice in your field by a Canadian regulatory body.

As well as searching for a job via the search engines it is always handy to join a Canadian agency to help you find the best jobs possible, osrec.com has many listed agencies for you to choose from and to join, giving you updates for latest jobs available and the process that follows.

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