Finding part time airport security jobs

If the sight of a constant stream of people going on their holidays wouldn't be an annoyance to you, then have you considered a career as a part time airport security officer jobs? This fast paced and exciting career is a brilliant field to get into and we've rounded up all of the places you need to check out to snag a job.

Your first port of call should probably be the British Airport Authority website at baa.com. The BAA run London Heathrow Airport as well as Edinburgh Airport, two of the biggest in the UK, so they regularly advertise for security staff to help keep their show on the road. Interestingly, security staff make up almost half of the BAA's total workforce, so there are constant chances to further your career and training with them.

There's also a dedicated job site for all aviation jobs, and that is aviationjobsearch.com. Simply click on their security jobs tab to check out the full range of vacancies at all the other airports in the UK. This site also regularly hosts links to training events being held around the UK to help you get qualified for a security job.

Manchester Airport is second only to Heathrow for size in the UK, and it has it's own dedicated job site too at jobs.manchesterairport.co.uk. This site allows you to check all of the current vacancies at the airport, you just have to click on the security tab to check out the current security openings. It's well worth checking all of these sites regularly as new jobs are constantly popping up!

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