Finding jobs part time in Carlisle can be a straighttforward task

Like most areas in the United Kingdom your best chance of finding jobs part time in Carlisle will undoubtedly come from within the retail industry. With more employees than any other industry in the United Kingdom, the retail industry represents the single most accessible chance of finding work for many people out there today.

Whether you're looking to earn additional money on top of your primary full time job, need to mind the kids until your partner arrives home from their job, or are a student trying to pay your way through college, there are plenty of opportunities available out there for jobs part time in Carlisle in the retail sector.

If you have previous experience working in retail then you're definitely going to be at a distinct advantage when it comes to the selection process, however it's worth remembering that experience isn't everything in the retail sector.

You're going to need to have excellent people skills in order to excel in this industry, due to the fact that you're going to be dealing with members of the public day in and day out. It's very important that you can express yourself to your customers in a way that will reflect well on your employer, as well as having a good head for numbers and the ability to work hard without someone looking over your shoulder all the time.

Since your best chance at finding retail work will come from minimum wage (£5.93) jobs part time in Carlisle, we have compiled this list of supermarkets in the area for you to check out;

  • Morrisons, Kingstown Road
  • Tesco, Victoria House, Victoria Viaduct
  • Iceland, 70-78 Lowther Street
  • The Co-Op, 28 Blackwell Road
  • Asda, Chandler Way, Kingmoor

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