Finding jobs in Hereford

Looking for jobs in Hereford needs to be done systematically.  Before you start looking, make sure you have a current CV, dress smartly in case you need to go for an interview immediately (it does happen!), and prepare for a long day. Then you can start looking.

The Job Centre and Employment Agencies

The Job Centre should always be your first port of call for any type of job. The one in Herefore is on St Nicholas Street in the centre of the town. You can register here, and look for all types of jobs.

It is worth registering with one or more of the private employment agencies. The ones in Hereford include City Personnel & Secretarial Services at 100 East Street, Flexfree (Recruitment) Ltd at 53 Broad Street, and Hays Recruitment at 6 Elgin Gate. All are fairly centrally located in Hereford.

Looking for jobs on the internet

There are a number of websites for job seekers. Among them are totaljobs.com, citypersonnelrecruitment.co.uk, and fish4.co.uk. It is worth looking at any or all of these for jobs in Hereford.

Local Newspapers

Local papers are always a good source of local jobs. In Hereford the main one is the Hereford Times, which is a good source of jobs in the local area.

Other places to look for jobs in Hereford

It is always worth going and visiting companies directly. Thee are many companies at Rotherwas Industrial Estate, which is quite close to Hereford, so a day there could be well spent. Dress smartly, take your CV, and try to see someone in charge if at all possible. Another day could be spent in the city centre, trying the shops, restaurants and offices there.

If you do all of the above, you should be able to find a job in Hereford.

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