Finding jobs abroad for Irish emigrants

It is an understatement to say that Ireland has fallen on hard economic times. Unemployment is at an all time high for recent memory and unfortunately the opportunities we all saw growing up just aren't there anymore. With this in mind lets have a look at what jobs are available abroad for young Irish people.

The good news is that being Irish you are at a definite advantage in the international job market. You are famed for your people skills, hard working nature and world leading education system. Generally employers will jump at the chance to hire a willing and qualified Irish person.

Generally, if you are thinking of emigrating I would look at an English speaking country so that language is not another barrier for you to cross unless of course you have a high level of some other language. Many Irish are finding there new home and employment in Canada who has a fantastic working holiday program for Irish people and who's economy was not terribly affected by the recession.

www.usit.ie is a great site for organising your working visa whatever country you plan on heading to. One of the main advantages of getting your visa with Usit is that they will help you look for work when you get to your destination.

Job opportunities range from very basic tourism and retail jobs to high up technology jobs whatever your experience or level of training you can be sure there is something just right for you out there.

Whatever country are going to be sure to start your job search well in advance of your departure and ensure you modify your resume to the standard for whatever country you plan on moving to.

Whatever the situation back home you will find yourself with a wealth of opportunity abroad and any experience working abroad will prove itself invaluable when looking for work back home in the future.

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