Finding a job at Morrisons

If you are considering applying for a job at Morrisons, you have a number of options to choose from. Careers at Morrisons are divided into six individual categories, with positions that are suitable for applicants from all backgrounds.

While most jobseekers will be aware of the job possibilities in the various Morrison stores, they may not have considered the prospects offered in the Morrison manufacturing and logistics divisions. The manufacturing section of the Morrisons website allows jobseekers to search by region. This site is used to advertise primarily managerial positions, but also includes vacancies in the company's Fully Sponsored Degree Program.

The logistics department operates a number of depots and warehouses throughout the UK. As with the manufacturing division, the careers website provides a list of depot locations. Clicking on each location redirects users to a dedicated careers website for the site in question. Some of the typical positions available in logistics with Morrisons include roles for HGV engineers, canteen assistants and chefs, and positions in vehicle maintenance.

Similarly there are a number of positions at management and team member levels in the Morrisons pharmacies scattered throughout the UK. Additionally, the headquarters of the Morrisons company also require staff members. Finally, Morrisons operates a strong graduate program, providing training and career opportunities to recent graduates.

Each of the distinct divisions in the Morrisons group has it's own dedicated website. However it is possible to gain an overview of all of the job possibilities at Morrisons using the general careers website at morrisons.co.uk/corporate/Jobs. Additionally there is a map of all newly opened stores at iwantafreshstart.com/inner.asp?division=newstores, which is helpful for those who wish to apply to these stores directly.

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