Find the perfect job with Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus gives you free access to the largest selection of job vacancies in the UK. Every industry is catered to and you can get loads of advice from staff members on how to turn a long job search into a successful one. You can browse through the thousands of vacancies advertised with Jobcentre Plus on the DirectGov website.

The search engine is really easy to use on the website. Just enter the job category that you're interested in and the area you want work in. For example, Admin Jobs and Aberdeen. The results will then give you a list of all of the available vacancies for admin staff within a 15 mile radius of Aberdeen.

If you want to view every vacancy in an area, just enter 'all jobs' into the seach box and the results will list every current vacancy in every industry. Jobcentre Plus also allows you to search for vacancies from other parties, such as recruitment agencies. To see what's on offer from jobs sites, select 'jobs from other sources' and hit search.

The list of vacancies available with Jobcentre Plus is enormous and it can be helpful narrowing your search results. You can choose to search for either permanent or temporary positions, and positions that offer evening, night and weekend shifts.

Frequent visitors to Jobcentre Plus will find the option allowing you to eliminate vacancies listed before a certain date very useful. There's nothing worse than wasting time looking at the same vacancy twice when you're job hunting.


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