Find the perfect job by searching keywords " Company London Jobs"

Do you know the best way to find advertisements and vacancies for your dream job title? Keywords such as company, London, and jobs will yield thousands of results, but how can you target your search to find the opportunities most relevant to you?

Traditionally, jobseekers have searched the classified sections of the newspaper for job opportunities, but for the most part print recruitments have now made way for online advertisements. Online advertising is very beneficial to jobseekers because there are thousands of jobs at your fingertips, but the disadvantage can be that it's hard to wade through the results to find the most relevant information that you're seeking.

When searching for a vacant job title, generic keywords -- company, London, jobs for example -- will yield over 50 million results. Obviously it's impossible to look over each of these results to determine which are the most relevant for the search you intended. To really refine your search and identify the perfect job opportunity, you need to be more specific. Using our example of job title keywords such as company, London and jobs, discover ways to refine your search and get what you need.


Identify specifically what you mean by "company". Are you looking to work for a large company - in an administrative position - as opposed to working in manufacturing or home based business? If so, consider adding additional keywords such as "corporation", "business", "administrative", and "office".


Refine this keyword by adding a specific location, postcode or general area - "Chelsea", "SW1" or "East London" will restrict the results to the specific area you're looking for.


Include the type of job you're looking for - "part time" or "temporary" for example - to further restrict the results.

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