Find the hottest glazer jobs in Canada here!

There are loads of glazer jobs available in Canada at the moment. Canada is booming and crying out for skilled workers. Hundreds of UK citizens are leaving each week to set up a new and better life in Canada. An excellent place for you to start your new job search for glazier jobs in Canada is at simplyhired.ca.

Simply Hired is one of Canada's best known recruitment websites. They have thousands of jobs updated on a daily basis. When you first log onto the site you have the option of browsing jobs by industry, salary or location. To find glazer jobs, you simply type "glazer" into the keywords box. You can also type a location in if you like, otherwise just leave it blank and get results from all over Canada. Some of the most recent job vacancies are:

  • Glazer required in Edmonton, Alberta for a full-time permanent position. You should have at least two years' experience. This is a physically demanding job as you will be working up to 45 hours per week. You will be paid $28 per hour for your work.
  • Structural Glass Glazer is required in Ontario. You will work in a commercial setting and will have six months' previous glazer experience. Candidates will be required to provide written references from previous employers. You will be paid $21 per hour for your work.

If you would like further information on the above positions or would like to browse through hundreds of similar jobs, simply log onto simplyhired.ca.

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