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The Pavilions is one of Birmingham's finest shopping centres.  It's a place where people go to wander, eat and relax. With more than 40 retailers and numerous restaurants, you can be assured that positions in the centre become available on a regular basis. Some of the most recent job offers in the Pavilions centre are:

  • Sales assistant required in HMV music and video store to work part time on evenings and weekends. This position would ideally suit a college student. You should have a keen interest in music. No previous experience is required however it will be a distinct advantage. You will be paid £7 per hour for your work.
  • Assistant manager is required by The Coffee Lounge. This is a full time position requiring the candidate to be at work at 7am each morning from Monday to Friday. You should have some previous experience in a cafe or restaurant. References will be requested at interview stage. You will be paid £6.45 per hour for your work.

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